Top 10 ‘Spring Cleaning’ Tips That Could Also Improve Your Property Value

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As the season changes from winter to spring and temperature warms so does the property market. Following a period of relative ‘buyer’ hibernation the warm weather traditionally brings increasing market activity.

Spring cleaning is probably, for good reason considered a chore and the mere thought fills most people with dread, but what if your house cleaning efforts could actually improve the value of your property. Following are some suggestions of how to take this opportunity to give your home a mini-makeover and add to its value in the process.

1. Start a deep clean (bond clean)

Most of us manage a general tidy-up at least once in a week but that leaves literally 100s of surfaces untouched as they are unnoticed and as such rarely get cleaned. When is the last time you cleaned the oven or vacuumed behind bookshelf or under the sofa. Deep cleaning means washing down every surface including glass, walls, skirting board, windows/door tracks behind doors, cupboard/pantry doors/shelves inside and out etc. Deep clean or a Bond clean are much the same. Remember that if you decide to sell, prospective buyers will be opening every cupboard and looking in every corner so this is a good opportunity to help keep up the overall presentation of your home and making it easier for you to prepare for a sale and secure the best price when the time comes.


2. Apply a fresh coat of paint


What a great relatively inexpensive way to freshen your property and instantly make your home look modern, clean and appealing to buyers. Take the opportunity to touch up the paintwork during the deep clean or better still apply a new coat choosing a neutral colour that will add appeal to buyers. Consider also the outside walls/windows/decks which can be one of the first things a potential buyer will notice.

3. Scrub & seal grout

It’s probable that whilst you may not notice the odd stain or discoloration in between your floor/shower/laundry/kitchen tiling and splashbacks, potential buyers will. Give your grout a good, detailed scrub to bring it back to its original whiteness, or regrout and reseal it entirely if required. In some cases, fresh grout and shower screen restoration is almost on par with a new renovation in terms of presenting as not needing replacement adding appeal to buyers. Keep in mind professions are available.

4. Professionally clean carpets & floorboards

Most home buyers want a home with new or good-as-new flooring. Adding professional floor cleaning to your annual spring clean will help you maintain your flooring in top condition year-round making the final preparation before selling an easier and less expensive process.

5. Spruce up the garden

The power of curb appeal can’t be underestimated when it comes to selling your home for the best price, so use your spring clean as a chance to give your garden beds and lawns a little makeover in preparation for the ‘growing season’. Remove over grown plants especially if they block views or natural light. Add a layer of top soil to the lawn, apply a fresh layer of mulch and give the driveway a power wash to significantly improve that buyer ‘first impression’.

6.Do the small repairs

Now is the time to get to work fixing all those small repairs that you’ve been ignoring or putting off. While they may not individually have a major impact on your life collectively they can prove off putting to buyers. Keeping the little things in working order demonstrates the sort of care and attention that potential buyers expect.

7. Paint the front door

The front door is one of the first things people see when they walk up to your home, and we’ve mentioned already, first impressions count. In the practice of feng shui, having a striking front door is also good luck and can help attract the type of positive energy you need to sell your home for the highest price. So why not pick a bold colour and stand out from the crowd.

8. Dump the junk

That broken stool gathering dust in the kitchen, the ‘who knows what’ that’s out of sight down the side of the house may just be forgotten but  it is important to remember clutter can significantly reduce a properties appeal  for prospective buyers. Have a close look around the house for things that are broken or rarely used, and donate or recycle them if possible. If not, do a tip run.

9. Google Marie Kondo: Queen of organised homes

Japanese ‘queen of clean’ Marie Kondo says “keep only those things that speak to the heart, and discard items that no longer spark joy” her philosophy is rather than cleaning room by room, focus on different types of belongings in stages, organising small things like clothing, sentimental items and books first, then moving on to bigger projects.

10. Get professional help

Often an injection of professional help can get the seemingly overwhelming spring clean job moving. Search Google, Facebook or list your jobs on the Airtasker App and have someone else complete the jobs your avoiding or hate. Outsource your spring cleaning with gardeners, rubbish removal, house cleaners (perhaps just oven and showers), window cleaner and a handyman easy assessable to make life easier. Spending the money on a full property spring clean now could speed up listing and yield a higher price tag if you decide to sell.

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