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As with anything people buy, homes need to be marketed in order to reach the right buyers at the right moment. Marketing and advertising is a big part of what your real estate agent can help with. The better the marketing, the more interest and the more competition, which means there’s the best chance possible at getting a good price when selling your home.

There are many ways to market a home, and a Riverhaven Real Estate agent will come to you with a strong marketing plan to reach prospective buyers.

Once the marketing plan has been presented to the seller, and agreed upon, Riverhaven Real Estate will make all the necessary arrangements and launch your property onto the market. 

The strategy will include some of the following

1. How the Property will be listed

Many options are available in how the home will be listed for sale, some common strategies are:

  1. Auction with typically a 6 week campaign lead up
  2. List the sell price and whether this is negotiable
  3. Invite ‘offer over’ a certain figure
  4. No sale figure is listed and ‘offers invited’

Assessing what a properties potential sale price would be is a complex subject therefore Riverhaven Real Estate will simplify the process by providing an independently produced report detailing actual properties recently sold and currently listed in the surrounding area, with full supporting data. Riverhaven will spend the time to review the data with property owners, drawing direct comparison with sold/selling properties with similar land, building size, location and features (pool, air-conditioning, solar, shed etc). Riverhaven Real Estate  will also advise on current market activity, buyer demand to ensure an educated, transparent process maximizing sellers confidence in their assets value.   

2. Professional Industry Leading Photography

Part of selling a home is creating a vision and desire. Prospective new owners are looking for feelings of happiness, security and comfort in your home, so fantastic photos are the cornerstone of any property marketing campaign. Making sure there’s plenty of light, no clutter, and a sense of space is essential; in order to achieve this a professional stager may be employed to arrange hired furniture in the space. Naturally, if your property has great views, a fabulous garden, pool, period features or recently renovated kitchens or bathrooms, these should feature prominently in the pictures of the home.

3. Street Front Signage

Marketing a property is rarely done without the use of a signboard, as attracting the attention of passers-by is a time-tested marketing method. One particularly worthwhile feature of the signboard is that it can capture people who are not necessarily actively looking for a new home to buy – that is, they’re not scouring the listings and circling the real estate supplement in the newspaper – but could be persuaded when the right home becomes available. For this reason, it’s always worth putting up a signboard, even if you’re in an apartment and the board isn’t directly attached to your property. The signage board may contain photographs of any standout property features that could attract a purchaser’s interest to inspect.  

4. Advertise online with both Riverhavenrealestate.com.au / Domain.com.au

Once photography is completed and the property has been prepared for sale (refer to website article ‘16 Simple Tricks to Boost your Properties Value’ for additional information) a Premium advertisement will be created and uploaded. Great care is taken to ensure all property features, enhancements and future opportunities will be scripted to provide buyers with enticements. The listing advert will typically include 18 photographs and a property floor plan along with necessary detail such as land size, property area and inclusions (bedrooms, living areas, bathrooms etc.)

5. Mail a Property Specific Flyer in the Neighbourhood

People who are already living in your area can be the perfect source of potential buyers. For example, young families who are growing out of apartments and want a family home in the school area or retirees looking to downsize but stay close to their friends and family. Creating a good flyer or brochure to distribute around letter boxes and to hand out at open for inspections is an important part of good advertising. The flyer is also utilised at ‘open inspections’ as a buyer handout.

6. Social Media

Social media again is utilised to generate awareness and interest particularly in the lead up to the property listing. The house, land or unit would feature as a ‘Property of the Month’ and feature handpicked photographs that illustrate the properties best features. Social media advertising, to achieve most impact needs to be minimalistic, so a simple ‘learn more’ option is provided which when ‘clicked’ upon provides a direct link to the Riverhaven Real Estate website where full listing details (photography and description)  are provided. 

7. Open House

The strategy is to maximize the level of interest having

  1. Prepared the property for sale (refer Riverhaven Real Estate website for further information)
  2. Produced high quality photography, detailed floor plan and property description listed on bothcom.au and Domain.com.au
  3. Front of property signage in place.
  4. Social media campaign and logistics in operation.
  5. Letterbox drop completed consisting of a full colour property brochure including ‘open house’ details

The culmination of the above will ensure excellent participation especially at the critical initial ‘open inspections’. Potential buyers will notice the level of interest and be encouraged to act swiftly to ensure they are successful in acquiring the home. 

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